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dallas cowboys jerseysIn 1919, the United States was introduced to the Green Bay Packers. Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun were childhood rivals that founded the team together. This team belongs to Green Bay, situated in Wisconsin. Among the teams of National Football League, this team is considered as one of the best and oldest team. The field in which they play, which is also the heart of the team, is called Lambeau Field. They have already won almost 13 championships than any other team have owned till now in NFL. Americans in Green Bay Packers Jersey fill the field with shout and support as they enjoy every matches of this team with enthusiasm.The Green Bay Packers Jersey background is unique. After forming the team Lambeau needed some funding for his teams as well. For that reason he went to a company named Indian Packers in order to get funding for the jerseys and equipments for his team. Because the Packers had already established themselves as a good football team, Indian Packers decided to sponsor the team. They have given $500 to Lambeau for this purpose but they wanted their company's name in the jersey. The fans referred to the team as the "Indians," but the team wanted to be called the "Packers" and included the name on their uniforms.Initially the color of Green Bay Packers Jersey was the combination of golden and blue but later on green and golden combination was selected for the team. It did not take long before the official color was set at hunter green, a dark shade of green, with an accent of cab yellow. The number is often written in white color on the green base and sometimes written in green color on the base of white. Various supporters wear golden color jerseys where the number is colored in green but there is no existence of such colored jersey in the team till now.The team has also played in white and green jerseys two times, while they were playing in home games, but they found that the green and gold colored jerseys were the best for them. The Packers team even wore throwback jerseys for two times during the games of Thanksgiving Day. Both of these matches were against Detroit Lions. In the first match in the year 2001, the color of Green Bay Packers Jersey was the combination of gold and navy blue, just like the uniform they used to wear in the year 1930. In 2006, which was the second game between the two teams on Thanksgiving, a green and gold jersey was worn with the only difference being in the shading.The team has chosen the letter 'G' as their logo which technically represents Green Bay. This logo is engraved in their dress and yellow helmets. The current team president decided to create a new throwback jersey from the 2010 season onward. The color of the Green Bay Packers Jersey is predicted to be dark blue. Fans and supporters eagerly await changes in uniform colors because it is believed that color changes can bring good luck.

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